digital led DISPLAY


  • Instant display of Images, Videos, Flash messages / news alerts on traffic congestion , weather changes etc. over a wide network of display
  • Multiple product advertisement at one place
  • Remote operations over a network

  • Effective Mass communication media
  • Day & Night Visibility
  • Passes IP65 waterproof and dust proof tests
  • Flexible to work under different climate condition.



       LED based Digital Billboards are electronic display systems that straightaway replace static display / Vinyl sign boards. Rotating ads every few seconds enabling the billboard owner to sell the same advertisement space multiple times. The main criterion for use of this type of LED Display screen is long distance viewing, exposure to direct sunlight and other weather conditions.

       These display available in Indoor and outdoor use, because of its characters of high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, environmental friendly, long life span, impact resistance and stable functions. LED display is controlled by computer and can play all kinds of information in the form of pictures, videos, flash, texts, it has strong practical applicability.