digital lcd Billboard


  • Digital LCD Billboard replaces existing paper billboards at premium location.
  • Multi advertising messages at one place
  • Reducation of pollutants (Replace printing, Transport & disposing of posters and vinyl prints, etc)
  • Natural look of visuals
  • Full-color, full-motion, high resolution capabilities
  • Scalable design
  • Low-Power consumption
  • wide-viewing angles


        SIGNAGECIRCUS is the India's first provider of full color digital ink display. The digital ink technology offers full-color, full-motion, high resolution and high contrast images that use ambient light to enhance image quality and visibility just likt ink on paper.

        The main advantage of digital ink billboards in comparision with common billboards is an bility to change contents at any period of the day. Changing of contents on Digital billboard is much easier as it can be done through internet connection. Client dosen't need to waste and money for production of poster as well.