backlight scroller 10x10


  • Non-Messy Advanced Mechanism
  • World most advanced user friendly electronics digital controller.
  • Adjustable display time.
  • Start and End time programming.
  • Zero Down time
  • Synchronisation multiple scroller can be synchronized through radio frequency, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Large posters capacity 18 meters length



       Signage circus offers the broadest range of scrolling sizes for all kind of application. our units are designed to give maximum flexibility and parcticality to quarantee efficient operation combined with a premium return of investment. they are actually lightboxes that have the ability to scroll 6 posters. the scrolling billboard light box display (Image Scroller) is an innovative, state-of-the-art backlit advertising display medium. the advertising impact is intensifies by the vibrant backlighting, brilliant colors, digitally crisp images, and the continous motion of the display. they feature the ability to continuously scroll through a series of high-resolution high-impact full-color posters.

      Because of the back-lit advertising p[oster images become more realisitc compared to conventional billboard with glued paper. all posters are fixed on a roll. a special technology allow changing signal images. the presentation of the popsters during operation is trouble-free and smooth and poster movement creates attention.