about us

Signage Circus, a Venture in Advertising world is a concept of advance technology and the requirement for today’s world to reach to the people faster and easier way. The product promotion to the masses is limited at this moment. With Tomorrow’s technology provided by Signage Circus it will give the ad world a modern way to reach to the masses.

Signage Circus works on a rental business model, wherein we provide the Digital Equipments to the key players in advertising industry to help them avoid huge cost on spending for the Hardware such as 360 LED/LCD Video Display. Whatever event or show you are planning - we have the expertise, know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill almost any of your needs and event-concepts.

Signage360 was developed by EYECIRCUS for a UK based Company and now it has taken up the concept with them for selling it into India under the name Signage Circus after the success of the same in UK and USA.